Online Classes on Thinkific and Patreon

Our Thinkific platform hosts our Official Baksana Dance Vocabulary Training program that teaches students how to dance our specific improvisational format. BDVT includes deep study of finger cymbals and musicality alongside dance, with options for performance and teaching certifications. We have multiple supplemental classes that you can buy a-la-carte!

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We are SO EXCITED to announce the launch of our Patreon page! Now, at any time, from anywhere in the world, you can learn:

Signature Combos & Choreography

Finger Cymbal Technique

Pro-tips, mini-drills & more info on our creative process

AND support the creation of new work!

Our monthly membership patrons will receive entertaining “behind-the-scenes” and special performance videos. This is a GREAT way for us to put energy into making content to share world-wide, and for you to support hard-working, artist-mamas! You don’t have to be a dancer or want to take classes to contribute to our Patreon. Visit the page today and check out our variety of membership tiers.

In-Person Classes/Workshops Offerings:

Contact us directly if you are interested in hosting a workshop, starting up a series, or taking private lessons

Baksana Improv Vocabulary: mini-labs
Our official Baksana signature combinations, complete with cymbal patterns! Baksana vocabulary works within a style of group improvisational dancing inspired by the FCBD© format developed by Carolina Nericcio. This means: We have a language of dance and cymbal combinations that can be done solo or with a group and the combinations are choreographed, but the order in which the combinations happen within a group context are composed on the spot! Every time we dance together is unique, exciting, and totally adaptable to various songs. Everyone takes a turn “leading” and “following”. It’s fun, good physical and mental work, and promotes community. Beginners are welcome to come dance and learn the basics without the cymbal work and advanced dancers will be challenged with precision, strong technique, and performance level nuances.

Finger Cymbals & Baksana Notation
We’ve developed a system of music notation for finger cymbals and we would LOVE to teach it to you! We will introduce you to the basics of musical counting and note-values, a variety of sounds and their corresponding note-heads, translating common patterns and more! Our notation system is excellent for dancers or musicians who want to take this instrument to the next level and learn to play with a lot of dynamics and creativity.

Free Improvisation
Theory and techniques for true improvisation, connecting deeply with the music, and dancing from your heart. Take a look at some of the neuro-science behind making things up on the spot (something we all do, constantly) and become acquainted with the Arabic concepts of “taksim” and “tarab.” Set your dance free!

Original Choreography
Full length dances we’ve created for our live sets… OR commission a “Baksana-style” dance for yourself or your group! Beginner-advanced. Very musical, often folky, always fun!

We LOVE our students and strive to connect with those who want to learn with us in an honest and “learner-centered” environment… We ourselves ARE continuous students, devoted to learning and appreciating these dances and their cultures in respectful ways. ALL are welcome in Baksana classes, we provide a safe and welcoming space for practicing music and dance in community.

What are Baksana Classes like?
Baksana classes revolve around core elements of musicality and improvisation. We teach a style of belly dance infused with movements and techniques from various middle eastern and balkan folk dance cultures, while maintaining our personal -contemporary- cultures and training. Baksana classes are typically geared toward intermediate/advanced dancers unless specifically noted as “beginner” though we will always work with any level dancer to get the most out of their learning experience. We begin classes with a warm up, break down and drill key elements, then add complexity, layers, and combinations for students to draw it all together. Come dressed in layers of comfortable clothing, you may desire ballet or soft soled jazz shoes in winter, and bring a water bottle. We can’t wait to dance with you!


We recommend Saroyan Cymbals:
However, finger cymbals (aka zils) are not 100% required for these classes

Thanks for your interest in dancing with Baksana! Baksana classes are team-taught by the group’s core instructor members Danielle Elizabeth, Morgan Fay and Bevin Victoria with specialty lessons from Paul Evans. This means you’ll get one, two, or sometimes all of us sharing our collective knowledge on all things Baksana!

Private in-person and Skype lessons for info and options that fit your needs.