Baksana is a fun, high-energy, Dance & Live Music ensemble based in Portland, Oregon. Our style is a fusion, inspired by Arabic, Balkan, Turkish, Romani, American Jazz & Second-line music and dance expressions. Co-directed by Danielle Elizabeth and Paul Evans, the group features signature combinations and choreographies danced with dynamic finger cymbals to primarily original music. Baksana offers quality entertainment and is adaptable to many scenarios as improvisation is a core aspect of every Baksana set. You’ll find us at markets and fairs, weddings, theater shows, and parties of all sorts!



Morgan Fay, Bevin Victoria, and Danielle Elizabeth (seated left to right) are the dance trifecta of Baksana. We’re delighted to welcome Carla Michelle as a newest company member (top left). Adjunct (out of town) members include Makeda and Joy Thea, and we often invite local guests to perform with us! Baksana dancers each have decades of professional dance experience and share a deep love of musicality, history, improvisation, world-travel, hard work, & goofiness. 

MIESTRO: Paul Evans!!!


Baksana’s musical aspects are directed by Paul Evans. Paul is a seasoned professional composer and performer who got his start in Jazz and Classical music over 30 years ago! He is a true multi-instrumentalist and well versed in many styles of music. Paul creates original compositions for Baksana and guides the ensemble with his love of (and amazing talent for) improvisation. 

Baksana’s musical members rotate and include : Mark Veherencamp, Kristnh Freestone, Evgeny Voevodin, Kaya Hellman, Charles Pike, Leon Cotter, Jason Ramirez, Caroline Chapparo, Jonathan Roberts, and many many musical guests such as local legends Eric Stern, Michael Beach, & Andrew Alikanov!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Recent transplant to Oregon.
    I’m an old school dancer. Started in 1966 when live music was abundant.
    Delighted to find your group. Brings back my Glory Days memories.
    I look forward to attending your performances.
    Great job!

    1. Thank you for this delightful compliment. We would love to meet you at one of our performances (when life goes back to normal). Welcome to the PNW!

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