Cymbal Book and Fall Classes


Baksana’s Finger Cymbal Written Notation!

It is with utterly-overflowing excitement that we announce the completion and online sale of our Baksana Finger Cymbal Written Notation book! Over the past 3+ years we have been developing a language of notation that can be used to accurately record finger cymbal patterns and compositions within the context of classic western music notation. Based on percussion notation, we have assigned certain symbols to specify the various tones we use while playing, and on which hands, while fitting it into the context of other formal notation vocabulary such as time-signatures, bars, and measures of musical counting, tempo, volume, and more. The first run of this book is 100% hand made by us! Formatted, assembled and printed (on 100% recycled paper) by Baksana Music Director Paul Evansmith. We hope you’ll enjoy learning and incorporating this new system into your dance/music creativity. ❤ Purchase your copy today! and check out the other little goodies in our new online store while you’re at it!


Learn Baksana Improvisational Vocabulary, starting September 10th, 2017   a good laugh color watermarked

If you have ever wanted to “do what we do” here is your chance! Starting this fall, we will be teaching our official Baksana combinations. We will be sharing all of the components that make up our “fast” vocabulary – a style of group improvisational dancing based on the ATS© format developed by Carolina Nericcio. This means: students will develop a language of dance and cymbal combinations to perform with others. The movements are choreographed, but the order in which the combinations happen will be composed on the spot! Making every performance unique and exciting and totally adaptable to various songs. This is a wonderful way of dancing with others in a supportive environment where everyone takes a turn “leading” and “following”. It’s fun, hard work, and evolves with you. 

How Classes Work: Sundays at Studio EP- 1847 E Burnside, Portland, Oregon: Suite 111A

Zil Drills will be offered from 12pm-1pm where we will focus on finger cymbals and various warm ups to work on precision and technique.
Baksana Improv Vocabulary Classes will then happen from 1-2pm
We will teach a combination, complete with cymbal pattern and lots of time to drill. Each combination will take 2-3 classes to fully cover. Following through with the full combination is best, and coming consistently will help you build vocabulary efficiently.



New WORKBOOK! Students will now also have the option to purchase a workbook to accompany them along their Baksana journey that will include pages for detailed notes on the combinations as well as a “sign-off” section for each combination in our vocabulary.  Once their workbooks are complete (with sign-offs from Baksana teachers on all of the current combinations) students will be welcome to audition for our “student group” that will work together to perform at halflas and community events. Perks of working in the student performance group include: being a part of a hard-working and supportive collective, no-cost rehearsal time with lots of tips and guidance from all 3 Baksana core members (Danielle, Bevin, Morgan & Paul), discounts on private lessons, and -of course- performance experience! 

As always, discount “8 class cards” are available and don’t forget to join our Baksana Dance Training Facebook group to stay updated on which combinations we will be covering each week.


Overall, we’ve been having a great summer! Earlier this month we performed at JamballahNW Showcase with our students, The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire, The Gold Door, and will be busking Thursday 8/31/17 for the art walk on Alberta st. Visit our Facebook page and @baksanabellydance on Instagram for fun pics. Have a great rest of the summer!


CD Release Party!

Wheeewwwiiieeee! Are we ever excited to announce our CD official release party!

Baksana CD Release image

Everyone is invited, there will be music, dancing, balloon art, henna, party games and more!
We are so excited to share our music and dance with our community, and now… the world!
Help us celebrate in style! Purchase tickets in advance:
Follow the event on facebook for extra announcements:


Baksana! Live music and belly dance in Portland, Oregon.
Baksana! Live music and belly dance in Portland, Oregon.
It's officially busking season! Look for Baksana at markets, festivals, street fairs. We're available for booking at private parties and events as well! 3 cheers for summer!!!
It’s officially busking season! Look for Baksana at markets, festivals, street fairs. We’re available for booking at private parties and events as well! 3 cheers for summer!!!

Delighted to be in the studio recording our first CD! Release slated for mid-July 2015. Stay tuned for updates!!!