Online Training

Baksana Dance Vocabulary

3 Levels
2 Certifications

2 modules per level
90 day terms
$285 each

Baksana Dance Vocabulary centers around a collection of dance and cymbal phrases that are performed in an improvised order. One person leads the group while the rest follow. This kind of format is often referred to as Structured Group Improvisation, such as Carolena Nerrico’s FCBD , Amy Sigil’s ITS and Rachel Brice’s Datura Style. This format is also seen in Cuban Salsa Rueda – which Danielle has a particular affinity for! Baksana’s overall style is a fusion of Arabic, Turkish and Balkan dance and music genres, also inspired by groups rooted in more folkloric dance such as The Reda Troupe and Hahbi-Ru. See Danielle’s bio video below for some more info about the dance path she’s taken, and the formation of Baksana. This online training program is designed for intermediate/advanced dancers (or a determined beginner) who want to learn, perform, and teach our vocabulary wherever you are in the world! We have a strong focus on musicality and this course will rely on our Baksana Finger Cymbal Written Notation, as well as common Arabic rhythms throughout the training. We are excited to get dancing with you!

Level 1

Home Positions

Module 1
4 Home Positions
and finger cymbal patterns

Module 2
8 Home Position
Variations and finger cymbal patterns

Level 2


Module 1
Three 4 – 8 bar dance phrases and finger cymbal compositions

Module 2
Three MORE 4 – 8 bar dance phrases and finger cymbal compositions

Level 3

Ensemble Work

Module 1
2 formations and
2 transitions. All home positions and combinations with lead/follow details

Module 2
2 formations and
2 transitions. All home positions and combinations with lead/follow details

Performer Certification
Perform Baksana Dance Vocabulary professionally either as a soloist or with a group of other BDV certified dancers. Master material in Levels 1-3 + Free Improv (including with cymbals), Working with Live Music, Stage Presence, Costuming, Gig Ethics. Submit 5 performance level videos (at least 3 in front of an audience and 2 with live music) for review to pass.

Teacher Certification
Teach others Baksana Dance Vocabulary in your area! Details of Vocabulary Development, Class Structures, Teaching Ethics / Student Support, Lifetime access to a catalogue of practice drills.

Level 1 • Mod 1+2
Coming Spring 2021

Many things may be addressed in the video at the top of this page 😉

How long are the individual lessons?
– Each module contains a variety of lesson types. Pre-recorded dance lessons are between 25-45 mins long. Cymbal segments are 5-10 mins. Private check in will be 30mins. Q&As will be 40 mins.

How long is the training?
– 90 day terms. First-30: self practice, Mid-30: assignments, Final-30: exam. You will have access to the training material for the full 90 days to allow for a variety of scheduling and dancer experience levels. There will be some Pre-requisite materials that you will have access to upon registration, so you could begin your work for the training a little earlier if you register in advance.

Will there be homework/testing?
– Students will submit multiple video practice sessions along the way, a few written assignments, and then complete a written and video final exam.

Can I complete the program and test sooner?
– Yes. Once you have access to the material you can complete the course ahead of time… you just may miss out on some of the live events. Contact us directly to schedule something that works best for you.

What if I need more time?
– For an additional fee of $35 you can renew your access to the material for another 90 days (this will not include access to live sessions and private lessons, it is just for you to review the material). Contact us directly for more information about this.

What if I need more help during the training?
– Contact us to set up a private lesson (for additional cost)

What if I don’t have any plans to perform or teach?
– That’s totally fine! You do not need to test for a performer or teacher certification to take this program, but you do need to pass a proficiency exam before progressing through the levels. You can also pass the certification and then decide later that you do not want to perform or teach the material… There will be additional workshops for Baksana performers and teachers, so you may want to attend those for fun updates to the material.

What if I register but then realize I cannot do the training?
– We do not offer refunds for our online programs. You can retain the credit for a future training. At this time we don’t have a way to transfer a spot to another student.

Where did Baksana Dance Vocabulary Material come from?
-Here is Danielle’s Bio video for some more information on the influences of her creation of Baksana…